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Ends March 31st 2015

ROV Inspections

Scuba Guys' Dive Shop can offer Professional ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) Inspections for your water structures, Reservoirs, tanks, lagoons, bridges, culverts and other ojexts underwater.

We have a state of the art Video Ray Pro 4 ROV with 2 HD cameras, GPS Mapping Technology, Sonar locating, and video software that sees through cloudy and turbid waters. There are only 3 units like this in Canada!

Our operators are certified ROV Pilots.

No more drain downs of tanks, reservoirs. No more out of service equipment for days to inspect equipment. No more confined entry risks for staff. We simply drop in our sub and go, you can watch the inspection on a video screen and we can create a DVD for you when we are done.

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Scuba Re-Fresher

If you are planning an upcoming trip or it's been a while since you were last in the water, we offer refresher opportunities to anyone wanting to get a little more confidence before they go or just to come play in the pool for a while on your own.

Sessions are done anytime we have pool time (generally Saturday afternoon)

Cost is $20.00 and we will supply equipment and tanks as needed

Call ahead and we will put you on the contact list and let you know when we have pool time scheduled

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Scuba Guys' Dive Shop recieves many calls every day from people outside of Moose Jaw, so make your experiences better, We now have a toll free number that you can use.

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Instore Specials

serviceCome in to see our scuba packages - mask, snorkle, fins, wet suit, BCD, and regulator.  We also have travel luggage, accessories, dive computers and much more.

Do you have any questions about our scuba gear? Call us with any questions and our knowledgeable staff will be glad to assist you.


Scuba Classes

Check out the various classes we offer:

Call us (306) 692-7720 or email: for more information

Moose Jaw's Dive Shop

Scuba Guys’ Dive Shop has been an idea that has evolved originally from two long time associates and divers, these two people recognized the need for a quality full service dive shop in Moose Jaw after belonging to the diving community for many years.  Read more...