Remote Operational Vehicles

Scuba Guys' Dive Shop can offer Professional ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) Inspections for your water structures, Reservoirs, tanks, lagoons, bridges, intakes, culverts and other objects underwater.

We have a state of the art Video Ray Pro 4 ROV with 2 HD cameras, GPS Mapping Technology, Sonar locating, and video software that sees through cloudy and turbid waters. There are only 3 units like this in Canada!

Our operators are certified ROV Pilots.

  • No more wasted product by draining downs of tanks, reservoirs.
  • No more out of service equipment for days to inspect equipment.
  • No more confined entry risks for staff.

We simply drop in our sub and go, you can watch the inspection on a video screen and we can create a DVD for you when we are done.

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